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Press // Business Development
The formal strategic alliance aims to invest in promising technology start-ups that drive the transportation and logistics industry forward 8VC Co-…
July 15, 2021
Over the next several weeks, we will outline how automation, IoT and AI can be used to address some of our industry’s biggest challenges and what…
July 14, 2021
Impact // Innovation // Trusted Partner
Learn about how Lineage Ventures is investing in start-ups and technology partners that are helping us transform the temperature-controlled supply…
July 14, 2021
Press // Business Development // Human Resources
In this role, Harld will oversee all European operations for the Company and will report to Mike McClendon, Lineage’s President of International…
July 01, 2021
Impact // Culture
It’s been 13 years since a lost-time or Occupational Safety and Health Administration recordable incident has occurred at the Lineage Logistics…
June 23, 2021
Press // Philanthropy
The Million Meals Tour aims to raise funds to donate over one million meals through private acoustic shows for those facing food insecurity across…
June 16, 2021
Core to Lineage’s culture is its values – safe, trust, respect, innovation, bold and servant leadership. They guide the behavior of our nearly 19,000…
June 15, 2021
Press // Acquisitions // Business Development
Lineage Logistics announced its intention to acquire the cold storage division of Claus Sørensen Group, a renowned cold storage operator in Denmark.
June 15, 2021
Growth // Innovation // Trusted Partner
Understanding how the cold chain has arrived at this moment provides us with a road map to a more robust and durable transportation portfolio.
June 10, 2021
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