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Earlier this week, Lineage announced that Kloosterboer, a family-owned cold-storage logistics solutions provider and leader in sustainability and…
October 08, 2021
Press // Acquisitions // Business Development
The acquisition strengthens Lineage’s ability to serve customers worldwide, including locations in France and Germany, and enhances Lineage’s value-…
October 07, 2021
Impact // Innovation // Trusted Partner // Culture
Energy efficiency and sustainability are no longer buzzwords but a main priority for all players in the cold chain. As an industry leader, Lineage…
September 30, 2021
Maintaining the food supply chainKeeping the food supply chain running smoothly involves many moving parts and extensive cooperation in each and…
September 29, 2021
Impact // Culture
As part of Hunger Action Month, we’re celebrating our team members across the globe who have gone above and beyond to help those in need.
September 28, 2021
The time for automation in the food supply chain is now – and it's key for our industry to keep up with new disruptions and heightened pressure.…
September 22, 2021
Impact // Culture
Each year, Hispanic Heritage Month is observed in the United States from September 15 – October 15 to honor the rich history of Hispanic/Latino…
September 14, 2021
Press // Business Development // Enhancements
Novi, MI – Lineage Logistics, LLC (“Lineage” or the “Company”), the world’s largest and most innovative temperature-controlled industrial REIT and…
September 02, 2021
Impact // Culture
While feeding people everywhere is a responsibility we act on every day, this September we’re highlighting Hunger Action Month as a platform to make…
September 01, 2021
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