An article by Harld Peters, Senior Vice President, Europe

March 18, 2022

One Lineage Europe:

In addition to the  financial support committed by the Lineage Foundation for Good and the broader One Lineage network globally , Lineage is committed to supporting our team members through this challenging time.

Although Lineage does not have operations in either Ukraine or Russia, the impacts of this conflict have affected our team in Europe and around the world. Accordingly, Lineage has committed to supporting our team members who have been directly impacted by the crisis in the following ways:

  1. Team members with family in Ukraine are eligible for emergency relief funds to cover potential  relocation costs  to Poland or elsewhere
  2. Team members in Poland  hosting refugees  from Ukraine will receive support funds every month, over 6 months (will be reviewed before expiration)
  3. Team members in Poland who would like to  volunteer  in support of the Ukrainian refugees, can take up to 3 days off, fully paid by Lineage
  4. We are continuing to  pay the salaries of team members of Ukrainian descent who have returned to Ukraine  to defend their country—supporting their families who have remained in Poland
  5. We are also preparing support structures to allow our European HR partners and leaders in Poland and elsewhere to facilitate  direct financial grants to team members  facing unexpected financial hardships due to the conflict

Lastly, I would like to thank our team members in Poland and across Europe for supporting each other and our broader communities in the face of these tremendous challenges.

As we move forward, let’s remain focused on doing what we can to feed our communities, support those in great need and continue to live our values in support of our fellow team members.



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