Our leadership team brings together the industry’s most respected, forward-thinking individuals, whose deep experience and fresh perspectives combine to lead one of the fastest-growing, most innovative companies in the world. Together, they support a culture that is progressive, authentic and fun – while living our values and honoring our purpose every day.

Management Team
President & CEO

Greg Lehmkuhl

Global Chief Operations Officer

Jeff Rivera

Chief Financial Officer

Matthew Hardt

Chief Information Officer & Chief Transformation Officer

Sudarsan Thattai

Chief Human Resources Officer

Sean Vanderelzen

Chief Commercial Officer

Tim Smith

EVP, Logistics

Greg Bryan

Chief Network Optimization Officer

Brian McGowan

Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary

Natalie Matsler

President, North America East

Matt Cramer

President, North America West

Brian Beattie

President, Europe

Harld Peters

President – Asia Pacific

Jeff Hogarth

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