An article by Harld Peters, President of Lineage Logistics Europe

June 13, 2022


Today, marks five years since Lineage Logistics first entered the European market with our  acquisition of Partner Logistics  in 2017.

Lineage’s goal in Europe was simple—deliver an unmatched end-to-end supply logistics solution for our customers.

In pursuit of that goal, we welcomed the best of the best in the cold chain to the company. We invested in advanced automation technologies and data science to transform how the industry does business.

And, despite facing a global pandemic and unprecedented supply chain challenges, we remained focused on providing service excellence to our customers day-in and day-out to ensure our communities have access to safe, quality food.

Today, Lineage’s European network includes over 4000 team members across more than 70 facilities in 11 countries.

Congratulations to every single team member who played a role in building the Lineage of today! I could not be prouder of how this team has contributed to Lineage’s journey both here in Europe and globally.

Unquestionably, this team has laid the groundwork for a remarkable future for Lineage Europe.

Here’s to the next chapter!


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